Ollie Rigg
Ollie Rigg

Highland Piping Services


Highland Bagpiper

I’m blessed with a wealth of professional Highland Bagpiping experience to call on. Clients have included the National Piping Centre, various Scottish Power Business Conferences and a multitude of weddings.

Drawing from a disciplined and competitive background, my approach attempts to be friendly but punctual and formal. My instrument is reliable and will be in tune on the day of the occasion. I have played since aged 9, and competed with the Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary pipe band 2008-2010; and the Scottish Power Pipe Band 2011-2013.


Wedding Piper

You can rely on me to provide clean, atmospheric highland bagpipe music you’re looking to put a traditional Scottish backdrop to your wedding day. I’m more than happy to play while guests arrive at locations, during ceremonies or processions or later in the evening- to usher in a newly wed couple to their place at the festivities. Please get in touch using the contact page to secure dates, times, arrangements and fees. I will ensure that all agreements are fulfilled and organisation is easy and quick.


WHat Piping means to me

Playing since aged 9, I have affection and pride for the Scottish National Instrument. I love to create a harmonious sound that washes the background of a church, hall or valley and hint at times gone by in Scotland’s countryside.

My instrument is robust and steady yet mellow and not overpowering. I also keep back-up equipment to hand to ensure that the performance is delivered as planned.

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My experience

While competing with Scottish Power pipe band in grade 1, we came 2nd place at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2012. During my time with the band, we were never out of “the Top 6 Bands” in the World and had an excellent pipe corps led by P/M Chris Armstrong and P/S Donald McKay. Within this team, I developed my technique and professionalism at this art and have retained performance skills from tight competitions, as well as world-class concerts.