Ollie Rigg
Ollie Rigg

Music Tuition


Music Tuition

I draw from 7 years’ teaching experience and wish only to share what wisdom and inspiration I’ve gained. Choose an instrument below and I’ll show you what I know:


Tin Whistle

A pocket sized instrument with a lot of punch. Since 1730, this simple but rewarding instrument provides complete new-comers to music with a straight-forward way to playing tunes.

I love the diversity of the tin whistle, and will happily take heaps of time going over basic fingerings, or pushing the boundaries of embellishments and timings.


Highland and Border Pipes

Having played these since I was 9-years-old, it’s a joy to show people the ropes of Scotland’s most iconic instrument. Starting with the practice chanter, players can ease into the basic elements of the scale and some tunes before progressing to the full highland-pipe setup. My own learning comes from tuition from many elite players, such as John Mulhearn, Roddy McLeod and John Wilson; all of whom stressed the balance of musicality, comfort and solid technique.

The border pipes take a slightly different path, using bellows to feed air into the bag. The fingering principles are the same and many of the tunes and techniques are closely linked to the highland pipes.


Uilleann Pipes

Literally translated as “elbow pipes”, this haunting instrument is my favourite weapon of choice. Sharing what I’ve learned is almost as much fun as performing with these, as the expression of each player can be detected and developed from the very beginning of learning.

I can provide a practice set for a learner to get a feel for this instrument before progressing to the 1/2, 3/4 or full (4/4) set of pipes.