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Whistle Tuition

Whistle Tuition


For me, it feels more like coaching

I take great heart in spending time with a person seeking to improve their ability, as it resonates deeply with my own seeking and discovering new ways to improve and enjoy music.

1-to-1 tuition provides a channel for both people to understand each other and go beyond what is, towards the potential in each person. I am able to provide expert tuition for those wanting to learn from scratch or advance their skills on the following instruments:

  • Tin whistle

  • Highland Pipes

  • Scottish Small Pipes

  • Border Pipes

  • Uilleann Pipes

  • Flute

Whether 5-years old, or 95-years old I’m happy to devote my time to developing musical abilities. I am flexible about where the teaching takes place, and can arrange to travel to individuals’ houses or I’m equally happy to host the lesson in my own home.

Rates are pretty flexible as well; with beginner’s or under 25’s paying £25 per hour. Intermediate and advanced players create a specialised challenge that pushes my fee closer to the musician’s union £30-35 per hour.